'People Say She's Not a Woman'

The Walking Egg in Africa - 5/5

The Walking Egg in Africa - 4/5

The Walking Egg in Africa - 3/5

The Walking Egg in Africa - 2/5

The Walking Egg in Africa - 1/5

TED-talk at the university of Hasselt

Geniale Genkenaren, Willem Ombelet (Dutch with subtitles)

Matthew Connelly debates UN priorities with UNFPA director

Can endoscopic surgery (diagnostic and therapeutic) be implemented in a project of low cost infertility care in DC?

Although the need for single embryo transfer (SET) is obvious, which may be the best algorithm to follow in developing countries. Who should have double embryo transfer (DET)?

Is it necessary and/or advisable to introduce accessable low-cost infertility services in DC?

Is access to antiretroviral therapy an unconditioned requirement for the delivery of infertility care in HIV-infected couples?

Is it right to put so much effort in afforable IVF for developing countries?

How can we reduce the stigma of infertility and childlessness in DC?