People's Stories

After the ESHRE-congress in London, July 2013, people from all over the world started contacting The Walking Egg.
Their desperate testimonies emphasize the urgent need for low-cost IVF.

The Walking Egg Newsletter: a reaction from Ghana

Thanks for your mail. I've been folloing the walking egg project for some time now. I was part of the first National congress on infertility/childlessness organised in GHANA on 15th March 2014.. I've been childless for seven years now after marriage and its affecting me so much. Please how can i benefit from the walking egg project? And please please please, can you treat this a as a matter urgency, am really worried.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you and kind regards,


"We want children of our own"

I am a registered nurse from the Philippines. I read the article about your low cost ivf experiment for developing or poor countries like us. I was excited about the news. I would just like you to know that it really gave us hope, especially for couples who can't afford the procedure but would really want to have children of their own.
I'm 35 years old and diagnosed with PCOS. My husband is 33 years old and has very low sperm count. We've been married for four years now and are still trying to conceive. Our fertility doctor's recommendation is to undergo ivf but right now we cannot afford it. We are getting worried because of our age. When we will be financially ready we will be biologically too late for it. So I really hope that this low cost ivf will reach our country soon. Thank you very much in taking time to read my message. Congratulations on your good work!

"Unable to conceive"

I am from Nigeria. I ‘ve contacted you a few weeks earlier on the possibility of participating in clinical trials for the new low-cost IVF-treatment designed to help developing countries. You and the team of The Walking Egg are doing a great job and only God can reward you.
I have been married for four years now. But we have been unable to conceive yet. The doctors told me I have low sperm count. I think the solution for my problem may be IVF. But the cost here is prohibitive. I am hoping The Walking Egg can help me.

"Victim of depression, pain, anger and social stigmatization"

I am an electronics engineer by background and I’m mailing you from a suburb in Africa. I read a lot about your research interests and recent discovery of low-cost IVF procedure and I must say I’m really inspired just like millions of women like me will be when the news of this discovery goes viral. I have been a victim of depression, pain, anger and social stigmatization as a result of 4 years of infertility and I can’t but say that this breakthrough has been long awaited.
I pray for more insights for you as you continue to impact millions across the globe.

"Unable to afford the current IVF-treatment"

I have read about your pioneering fertility treatment using new methods to reduce cost and make accessible IVF for those unable to afford the current IVF-treatment. I am writing to you in the hope that you could help us. My wife and I are currently finding it difficult to conceive a child and wondered if this treatment is available or if not, then whether we could participate in trials. We would, of course, expect to pay for this treatment, if it is at all possible.

"Social embarrassment"

I read your article titled  ‘Affordable IVF for developing countries’ online and I am tempted to ask you if you have address of agencies that can provide funding for IVF-treatment for me and my wife. We have been married for four years and we do not have babies yet. We have been recommended to have IVF-treatment in India which will cost us about 6000 USD for both of us but money which we cannot afford. This situation has cost us a lot of social embarrassment.