Training week for Ghanaian and Kenyan teams at the ZOL Hospital in Genk (1 – 7 February 2015)

  Between 1 and 7 February 2015, 7 participants coming from Ghana and Kenya were engaged in an intensive, practical and for many eye‐opening training-programme which involved visiting the infertility clinic at the ZOL Hospital in Genk and then a number of different training sessions in the TWE-IVF-method. The group was composed as follows: 2 gynaecologists, 4 embryologists/biologists and one project manager. The first day of the visit was dedicated to getting to know the TWE project. From then onwards, the group was divided in smaller teams, each focusing on a specific topic (hysteroscopy, sperm washing procedures, pick-up’s,…). There were the practical sessions where there was a demonstration of the activities that were discussed in the theory session with all participants showing great enthusiasm to learn about the TWE- IVF-method. This summary does not justice to the richness of the experience, but some photos shed light into the highlights of the groups’ experience during the training week . Quotes from participants regarding the training: I would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful week for us. We had the opportunity to grasp the tWE concepts as well as meet the team. Thank you again! Your hospitality was wonderful! It was such a wonderful time we had at the walking Egg and quite an eye opener and good and well coordinated learning. Everybody assigned to us was wonderful and do pass my sincere appreciation to the whole team to the sacrifice you made to ensure our stay was seamless all the way from the airport and back to departure. Prof. Ombelet has a great team and a great vision and future the Walking Egg. I would like to say thank you so much for this opportunity you and your team gave me to be part of this training. It was such a golden opportunity in my career and to also meet and make new friends.