TWE Board Meeting 6 and 7 January 2015

On 6 and 7 January, a TWE Board meeting was held at the ZOL Hospital in Genk. The program of this two-day meeting focused on the state of the art of the simplified or TWE IVF-method. Prof. Jonathan Van Blerkom and Prof. Geeta Nargund came over form the USA and the UK to join this meeting. The second day a delegation of the Heilig Hart Hospital, Leuven and the Jan Palfijn Hospital, Gent were also invited The main subjects of discussion were: - further improvement and upgrade of the TWE IVF-method - the possibilities to start up the TWE IVF-method as part of   further research on the TWE IVF-method - the training of the Ghanaian and Kenyan staff , who will be in Genk, the first week of   February - the roll-out of the strategy to start-up in Ghana and Kenya General conclusions on improvement, start-up and roll-out were adopted by all participants.