Visit DESAFIO delegation Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique at University of Hasselt, 19 August 2014

Institutional University Cooperation (IUS) takes place through partnerships with universities in the south. In order to realize the general objective, namely contributing to the institutional development of universities in developing countries, several concrete projects take place, in which several Flemish universities participate. Both a Flemish and a local project manager are at the head of each project, while the Flemish and local coordinators undertake the responsibility for the global partnership. At the moment, there is one IUS partnership in Congo that is supported by UHasselt, and there are several project managers and team members that are involved in other partnerships. One of them is the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Mozambique. An international delegation of about 12 persons visited the UHasselt on Tuesday 19th of August. The vice-rector of UEM, Prof. Ana Mondjana addressed her appreciation and thanks to the UHasselt: only part of the work has been done and the way is still long. Amongst the speakers, Prof Ombelet gave a highly appreciated presentation about The Walking Egg project, titled “Establishing infertility services in developing countries”. Since there are no IVF-facilities in Mozambique, there was special interest from Dr. Nafissa Osman, gynecologist and member of the delegation. Contacts were made to investigate the possibilities for collaboration between The Walking Egg and (a) local hospital(s).