Dr. Omar Jagne from The Gambia visits Genk

Dr. Omar Jagne, Medical Director of the Africamed Clinic, a non-for-profit medical institution in Banjul, The Gambia visited on Friday 3thd of January, the IVF-centre in Genk. He was accompanied an introduced by Mrs. Dorien Van Der Heijden, IVF analist from the Geertgen Centre in The Netherlands. Dr. Jagne was very interested in the TWE low-cost IVF-method: in the whole of Gambia assisted reproductive techniques are not provided by the healthcare system, therefore infertile couples in need for IVF have to go to other countries where IVF is available, such as Senegal. Willem Ombelet clearly explained the Walking Egg philosophy and the evolution of the project. Further bilateral contacts will clarify the possibilities of an eventual cooperation.