November 14th and 15th, 2013, The Walking Egg Meeting in Genk

The 14th and 15th of November, a meeting was organized for the members of the board of the ESHRE Special Task Force on “Developing countries and infertility” and the experts linked to the Walking Egg Project. Dedicated specialists from different corners of the world gathered in the ZOL Hospital to discuss the further steps to be taken in the near future. Willem (Ombelet) gave an overview of recent activities as well as where The Walking Egg stands today: lectures given, impact of the ESHRE-congress, finances,...The new structure (organogram) of TWE was appreciated by the participants and regarded as another step forward. A state of the art about the low-cost IVF-method was presented: actual results, hick-ups,... In addition, Rudi (Campo) gave some extra information on the tWE-lab-kit (made and distributed by Gynétics). We have a challenge for 2014: the Walking Egg project must be up and running, because the world is waiting for it!