Belgian-Chinese exchange for innovative ideas - "the Walking Egg is an affordable first line solution for assisted reproduction"

Professor LI Weiping, President of Renji hospital, affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and a delegation of 6 other members of the the directors board of this institution chosed and contacted the the ZOL hospitals, among few, to visit in Europe. The aim of their visit was to exchange about new and innovative ideas to use in the Renji hospital and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. 

The department of reproductive medicine received their upmost interest for both, the digital hysteroscopic clinic and the Walking Egg system, implemented into the day-to-day IVF clinical practices.

Professor LI Weiping, president of the Renji hospital but also a certified gynecologist, recognized the enormous potential in the Walking Egg system as a "first line and affordable solution for people considering or undergoing assisted reproduction treatments". Although their IVF centre has a production of over 8000 cycles per year, he prospects the Walking Egg system and laboratory, as a solution for patient care outside current IVF centres, specially in hard-reaching locations. With much enthousiasm, Prof. W. Ombelet and Dr. R. Campo have been invited to visit and lecture about the digital hysteroscopic clinic and the Walking Egg system at the Renji hospital in the near future.