Visit of the Chinese delegation

  • Monday, March 27, 2017 - 18:29
  • medical

From July 16 till July 24, 2016 a Walking delegation visited China led by Willem Ombelet.

Mr. Bing Li was the mediator: he lives part-time in Belgium and part-time in China.
He organised the whole mission and was also the interpreter for the delegation.

Meetings and visits were organised in several hospitals and with different commissions.
It took more than 6000 km in one week.

One of the hospitals we visited was Sichuan Maternal and Children’s Hospital in Chengdu, a hospital in the centre of the country and home of the panda’s.
The staff expressed their interest for the Walking Egg IVF-method.

After we returned back home, we kept an open and fruitful communication that ended up in the decision to invite a Chinese delegation to Belgium.

On March 20, Dr. Zeng Jiuzhi (gynaecologist), Dr. Liu Weixin (vice-president of the hospital) en Dr. Ye Fei (embryologist) arrived in Zaventem.

They were based in the Ecu-hotel in Genk and from there they visited the ZOL Fertility Clinic every day.

They participated in the daily activities:
-       consultations
-       ultra sound
-       hysteroscopies
-       pick-up’s
-       embryo transfers
-       het A-Z-work in the lab
-       the use of the TWE- IVF-method

During this visit an official cooperation between the Sichuan Maternal and Children’s Hospital and the ZOL Hospital was signed.

Before introducing the TWE-IVF-method to patients, different tests and extra research need to be done, according to Chines law.

It is expected that they can be full operational by the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

The delegation had also the occasion to visit the LIFE Expert Centre in Leuven.

Of course, some time was taken to visit a few of the Belgian highlights in Antwerp and Brussels.

Visitors from Cyprus and Egypt

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 11:06
  • medical

On Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of January, a delegation from Cyprus and Egypt visited the Fertility Clinic of the ZOL Hospital in Genk.

We were glad to welcome:

-       Prof. Dr. Vasilios Tanos, Gynecologist, University of Nicosia and Aretaeio Hospital
-       Dr. El Sayed Ali Mohamed Ali El Akhras, Director of the OH Consultant Gynecologist - Minimal Invasive surgeon - IVF Consultant, El Omam Hospital, Cairo
-       Dr.Mohamed Youssef Mohamed Ragab El Semary Consultant Gynaecologist - IVF Consultant, El Omam Hospital, Cairo
-       Dr. Aly Aly Mohamed Al Akhras,Embryologist, El Omam Hospital, Cairo 

During meetings, The Walking Egg, simplified IVF-system was presented.

Both resident gynaecologists and embryologists from the ZOL Hospital introduced their foreign colleagues in use of the TWE-system.

Advantages of the TWE-system were discussed as well as the actual results in Genk.

Being convinced of these advantages, they decided to engage themselves, to open up a TWE-centre at the El Omam Hospital in Cairo too.

At the end of day 2, a cooperation agreement was signed.









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